Maximising the Impact of Preaching In a Multisite Church

One of the most noticeable differences between multisite churches can be in their approach to teaching in Sunday services. For some churches it is a priority that the teaching is the same at every site, and this is sometimes achieved through the same message being shown via video in all services or through the same preacher travelling round and delivering the same message in each location. In other churches there is a shared program of preaching topics but the actual teaching is delivered by different preachers who are based at each of the sites. In still other churches the teaching program is both decided and delivered locally. In this webinar we will talk about these different approaches and help you determine which approach is right for your church. 

Special Guest: Liam Thatcher (teaching pastor of Christ Church London)

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This Broadcast will be on Thursday 16th January at 2:00pm (UK).

The Broadcast will last for one hour, and will include a panel discussion around the topic of preaching in a multisite church, plus Q&A with the panel.