Leadership Development Resources

A few years ago we wrote a blog article entitled 'Why do some churches have all the leaders?'. The quick version of that article is that it's for exactly the same reason as Jesus had lots of leaders around him: he didn't recruit ready-made leaders, but rather he was able to develop the people he did have around him into world-changing leaders.

The question of leadership development is a crucial one in any church context, and this is especially the case in a church plant. When a new church is started, it is natural for everything to fall on the shoulders of the lead planter or planting couple. Until you are able to raise up others who can share that load, then your own capacity will become a constraint on the growth and multiplication of your church.

“Most leaders are trying to figure out the right strategy. The best leaders are obsessed with empowering the right people.” (Craig Groeschel)

In this collection of resources, we look at how we can identify, empower and unleash new leaders to take responsibility in our churches develop new ministry initiatives and plant new churches that will in turn plant more new churches.