Upcoming Broadcasts

October 2017: Prayer Month

October 26th (7.30pm UK) - MISSION AND PRAYER with Mike Frisby

Mike is part of the eldership team of City Church Cambridge, helping to build a multi-cultural church in the City. He has particular responsibility for pastoral care of overseas workers and seeks to equip international students for return to their own nations. He continues to be part of the church’s teaching programme, is involved in cross-cultural training and mobilising people for world mission both in Cambridge and wider afield, and is also a trustee of the Relational Mission apostolic sphere of churches. In this Broadcast he teaches about Mission and Prayer.

November 2017: Sunday Meetings Month

November 2nd (7.30pm UK) - MULTICULTURAL SUNDAY MEETINGS with Tim Green

Tim Green is on the eldership team at Woodside Church, Bedford and has been on the full-time staff for 20 years as a pastor and teacher.  Over that time Woodside has become a multi-ethnic church with over 40 different language groups represented.  Tim has been very involved in this development. In this Broadcast he will speak about multicultural Sunday meetings. 

November 23rd (7.30pm UK) - SUNDAY MEETINGS IN A CHURCH PLANT with Mark Landreth-Smith

Mark Landreth-Smith has planted loads of churches and he currently leads the Bridge Church in Newbury. In this Broadcast, he talks about how to do Sunday meetings in church plants.