Upcoming Broadcasts

September 2017: Team Month

September 14th (7.30pm UK) - ´╗┐BUILDING TEAMS IN A CHURCH PLANT with Geoff Surratt

Geoff Surratt is a prolific church planter and movement leader, who has served as Pastor for Church Planting at Saddleback Church. In this Broadcast, he speaks about Building Teams in Church Plants.

October 2017: Prayer Month

October 12th (7.30pm UK) - THE PRAYER LIFE OF A CHURCH PLANTER with Andrew Vertigan

Andrew Vertigan is a mission enabler for the Salvation Army and Fresh Expressions. In this Broadcast, he talks about a church planter's prayer life.

November 2017: Sunday Meetings Month

November 23rd (7.30pm UK) - SUNDAY MEETINGS IN A CHURCH PLANT with Mark Landreth-Smith

Mark Landreth-Smith has planted loads of churches and he currently leads the Bridge Church in Newbury. In this Broadcast, he talks about how to do Sunday meetings in church plants.