Upcoming Broadcasts

June 2017: Faith Month

June 22nd (7.30pm UK) - FAITH FOR RESOURCES, PEOPLE AND BREAKTHROUGH with Michael Feulner

Michael Feulner is from Yalova, Turkey and he leads the Lighthouse Church. In this Broadcast, Michael talks about having faith for church planting and will look at faith for resources, faith for people and faith for breakthrough.

July 2017

July 6th (7.30pm UK) - KNOWING YOUR CALL AND HOW IT DEVELOPS with Joel & Aimee Kendall

Joel and Amie Kendall live in a global city in the Middle East, where they have moved to start a new community of hope and see many new disciples made. Their dream is that many new communities will be started in this great part of the world. In this Broadcast, Joel & Aimie talk about knowing your call and how it develops.