Coaching Masterclass

When Jesus sent out his twelve apostles to the different villages of Israel, he did not leave them out on a limb but rather touched base with them regularly, giving a setting for them to process the successes and challenges that they had experienced, learn from each other (and from Jesus) and feel the camaraderie of being part of a much bigger movement than just their own ministry.

What​ these apostles experienced with Jesus is exactly what church planters today need. 

Often, planting a church can feel like being out on a limb. Particularly when planting in remote places, it can feel isolating and it can de difficult to gain perspective, ideas, and encouragement of others in similar positions, or input from those with more experience.

This is where Broadcast coaching masterclasses come in.​

Broadcast Coaching​

Broadcast coaching masterclasses are regular online hangouts with a church planting coach and 3 or 4 church planters. 

During these calls, each of the planters has the opportunity to share about any wins that they have experienced, and what challenges they are facing, and to gain the input of both the coach and the other planters to suggest ideas and strategies to overcome those challenges.

There is also​ space on the calls for mutual encouragement and for prayer.

These masterclass groups tend to be made up of people in similar contexts, with a commitment to participate in the calls on a regular basis, allowing real relationships ​to be established, and a supportive community to form.

How to Get Involved

The coaching masterclasses tend to work best in the context of relationships, so it all starts with getting to know us a bit.

Why not get the ball rolling by dropping us an email and letting us know a little bit about what you are up to?​

We would love to hear from you.