Faith Resources


It's a funny old beast, because it means being simultaneously certain of things that you do not see, and at the same time completely reliant on God to come through.

This is nowhere more true than when it comes to church planting. There are certain promises that God has made that give us assurance of success - Jesus will build his church; the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the Earth, Jesus will receive worship from every tribe and tongue and nation. These are big promises the provide reassurance that what we are doing is on the right side of history and will ultimately triumph.

At the same time, we are desperately hoping that God brings these things into being by using 'us'. When 'us' is eight people rattling around a room drinking tea and studying the Bible, this can seem just a little bit far-fetched. 

Such is the nature of faith´╗┐,´╗┐ and this is what we look at in this resource collection.