091: A Church Planter’s Vision (with Steve Hurd)

Broadcast recently hosted a church and site planters conference where we invited Steve and Ruth Hurd to share from their experience of church planting in the North of England. In this episode of the podcast, we bring a clip from that conference where Steve talks about a church planter's vision.


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A Church Planter's Vision

  • God calls you, but what is it that he is calling you to?
  • "Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion" - Bill Hybels.
  • God gave Steve a picture of the church in Huddersfield that made him passionate.
  • If you are about to step out into a new work, get yourself a vision.
  • If you are leading you must get a vision, and if you are on the team you must hear the leader's vision and be on board with it (and God can give you a vision for a part of that bigger vision).
  • With calling it is God who calls - vision is also from God but there is a sense in which we can get a vision.
  • There is great scope for what we do.
  • If you are planting, you need people to come with you - vision is what will win people to do it with you. 
  • When things get hard and there is pressure, a vision can keep you on the right track.
  • Vision alongisde calling leads to a work that is unstoppable.
  • In Genesis, the serpent whispered to Eve, "Did God really say?" - As you start a new work for God you will hear the same line. 
  • You get a vision through praying, through reading God's word, through visiting places (go see some other church plants), speaking to people who have done it or are doing it, reading about it.
  • Books that Steve comes back to are 'Planting Missional Churches' by Ed Stetzer and 'Centre Church' by Tim Keller.
  • Your vision needs to be about seeing the lost saved.
  • In Huddersfield they had a team of 30 and gave out 30,000 leaflets inviting people to Alpha.
  • It has been said that cold evangelism doesn't work, but Steve wanted to prove this wrong and in their third public meeting they were able to baptise four new believers.
  • You will never have 'enough money' or 'enough people' to plant again - you just need to be intentional about it from the start.