090: How Do We Hear God Calling? (with Steve Hurd)

Broadcast recently hosted a church and site planters conference where we invited Steve and Ruth Hurd to share from their experience of church planting in the North of England. In this episode of the podcast, we bring a clip from that conference where Steve talks about how we hear God calling.


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How Do We Hear God Call?

  • It is not always as dramatic as it was for Abraham and Moses (though it may be).
  • It can be directly, it can be in prayer, it can be an excitement.
  • There can be an inward conviction - knowing in your knower.
  • God can speak through signs and circumstances. 
  • Visiting places can be helpful.​​​
  • God can speak by giving us a passion for something.
  • Beware of frustration. This shouldn't be the primary motivator. Church plants coming out of frustration (or church splits) don't have a great track record.
  • When Steve was working things through, he went for a walk on the moors. Through walking and praying he had got to the point where we felt clear God was calling him to either Huddersfield or Halifax. As he walked through a valley he to columns of rock and felt God saying that it wasn't one or the other but both.
  • There was no audible voice but the Holy Spirit was speaking through Steve's thoughts. 
  • This birthed the vision to plant a church in Huddersfield that would plant a church in Halifax. 
  • God can speak through others, through prophecies and encouragements. 
  • All of these things flow into one another - and they should back one another up.
  • Steve had had a vision years before that this wasn't just about York but about the cities of the North. 
  • God speaks through our leaders who have an apostolic call. This is particularly important if you have a stirring to get up and go but are not sure where.
  • You need leaders who know you and have faith for you - it may even be that you first hear God's call through such a person.
  • Reading the word of God is another way to hear God calling.