086: Building Big Part 10 – Q&A With Terry Virgo

Broadcast recently hosted a 'Building Big' training day where we invited Terry Virgo to share from his experience building and leading Newfrontiers about how we can build big churches and movements. In this episode of the podcast, we bring you the tenth of a series of excerpts from the day, where Terry answers questions that were submitted to him.


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How Do You Recognise the Capacity of a Leader and Help Them Move Beyond It?

  • People start talking about their own limitations.​​​
  • Be careful, because God chooses the weak things and those with misgivings.
  • Most of us struggle with this.
  • Hitting a ceiling may be a 'death' but can bring you through it and 'raise you'.
  • There is a Biblical principle of growth - and this often happens when we face challenges we have never faced before.
  • Terry tends towards 'They will grow into this'.
  • It can be an internal thing that we tell ourselves first.
  • It can be to do with flair in the gift area.
  • It is also character - are you reliable and do people trust you at your word?
  • How do you handle your vision when there is a setback?
  • Abandoning plans and forming new ones isn't necessarily leadership.
  • The ability to inspire is an important thing.

What Place Is There For Jonathan-like 'Have a Go' Adventure?

  • Terry was stirred by William Carey's statement: "Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God."
  • In the thesaurus, for attempt is listed, 'take a risk' and 'try your luck'
  • Saul was stuck and had his eyes off God when he was defeated.
  • Joshua and David also experienced defeat but their response was to turn to God.
  • Jonathan never forgot who the people of God were and who the enemy were.
  • There are real reasons for believing God wants us to win the battle. 
  • His vision was much bigger than what was in front of his face.
  • He wasn't dragged down by his father's lack of faith.
  • He wasn't crazy but he knew God's plan.
  • There was an echo in the heart of those near him.
  • He takes a step from faith to certainty as he moves forward. 
  • He goes with hope and it clicks into faith.
  • Sometimes we don't cultivate our hope enough.
  • Out of hope, faith can grow.

How Do You Discern When a Word From God Is Just For You as a Leader and When It Is For Everyone?

  • You don't cease to be an individual but when you are carrying and caring for the saints, you pray in different worlds.
  • Sometimes things come to you individually, but the implications will be broader if you are a leader.
  • It is often the context in which you are praying and the area you are trying to get resolution.