082: Building Big Part 9 – Faith and Risk With Terry Virgo

Broadcast recently hosted a 'Building Big' training day where we invited Terry Virgo to share from his experience building and leading Newfrontiers about how we can build big churches and movements. In this episode of the podcast, we bring you the ninth of a series of excerpts from the day, where Terry talks about faith and risk.


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What Is the Balance Between Having Faith and Being Aware of the Costs and Risks of Things?

  • It is good to have faith and also to have projections about exactly what things will involve or cost.
  • Longevity is a huge asset for you as you start to build trust in your track record.
  • One time Terry's team made an error in working out the costs of something - he had to publicly own the mistake and apologise for it.
  • Sometimes we can think of faith as a danger area.
  • Faith is not fundamentally about risk - when David charged at Goliath he knew that he would win.
  • If you overstate that faith means risk, you can walk God's people into danger. 
  • There may be times of risk, but good leadership is not to lead the whole church into risk. 
  • You can't lead a movement with longetivity when you are calling it faith but knowing in your heart it is risky.
  • It is okay to leave a bit of risk around the edge if there is a core of faith. 
  • God does confirm - he doesn't leave you out on a limb.