079: Faith for Other People

Church planters often have faith for their own ministry, but it is just as important to have faith for other people in our church plants. In this podcast episode, Tom O'Toole from Christ Church Manchester looks at what it means to have faith for other people.


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Faith for Other People

  • Not the same as faith in other people - only God himself is a grounds for faith.
  • Faith in God for what he will do in and through that person.
  • Not a replacement for that person's own faith - but may help spark that faith.
  • We should have faith for everybody in our plants.

Faith for Young People

  • Paul had faith for Timothy, who was young - he referred to him as 'my child' and told him not to let others look down on him because of his youth'. 
  • Paul trusted Timothy - he was a key part of the team and respresented him in many cities.
  • Lots of churches value young people, but there can be a gap when it comes to giving them opportunities like Timothy had.
  • Christ Church Manchester talk about a 'Have a Go' culture and a 'Low Bar of Leadership' - both of which mean lots of young people take significant roles.
  • There is also a High Bar of leadership to help, coach and develop people.
  • This is the same approach that Jesus had with the twelve.

Faith for People Who Have Stuffed It Up

  • When somebody has tried and it didn't go to plan, they can often be overlooked for future opportunities.
  • The disciples messed up over and over again but Jesus still had faith for them.
  • Christ Church Manchester also has a 'Second Chance' culture.
  • Tom tried to plant a church. It didn't quite work but now he is planting another one.
  • When people have been out of church for a while, it doesn't mean the door to leadership is closed when they return (though that is not number one priority).
  • John Mark had stuffed it up, and Barnabas had faith for him.

Faith for Older People

  • Older people are often overlooked in church planting.
  • Some of the best church planters are older.
  • Abraham and Moses were both old as they played their part in God's plans.
  • It is a mistake to manage older people out of involvement.
  • ​The best is yet to come.