Developing Leadership Structures In a Multisite Church

One of the key challenges faced in any multisite church is how leadership will operate. What will be the responsibility of site leaders? How will this interact with the 'centre' of the church and the senior pastor? How do elders fit into this? What about staff? Trustees? There is no one size fits all solution to these questions, but for the church to thrive as it grows to multiple sites these are key issues to think through, and we will be discussing them in this webinar.

Special Guest: Steve Tibbert (senior pastor of Kings Church in London)

Join the Hangout

This Hangout will be on Thursday 14th November at 2:00pm (UK).

The hangout will last for one hour, of which 30 minutes will be a panel discussion with Steve Tibbert and Colin Baron about Developing Leadership Structures In Multisite Churches, and the other 30 minutes will be Q&A with Steve and Colin.