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A Church Planting Case Study

Hannah Vincent is a full time pastoral worker in a large...

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The Impact of Church Planting on the Family

Stu and Livvy Gibbs tell their church planting story and draw...

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A Confident Spirit

Anthony speak to us about the confident spirit of Jonathan and...

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food and drink

A Theology of Food and Drink

Colin takes us through a Biblical theology of food and drink,...

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Beauty & Creativity

Jonny Mellor brings us a Biblical theology of art, looking both...

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adrian hurst

The Art of Listening

Adrian continues our series on conversations with culture by looking at...

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LATEST BLOG POSTSboom shake shake shake the room

  • Engaging with Difficult Questions

    It has been said that there is no such thing as a stupid question, but I don’t think that is true. Over the years I have been as

  • (Un)Forgivable

    On a recent Theology Broadcast I was asked this questions: “Why did Jesus say that when men blaspheme against him they will be f

  • One Big Win

    Japan is not a rugby nation. In the 2011 World Cup, they lost 83-7 to New Zealand (if you don’t follow rugby, that’s an absolu

  • The Dandelion Church

    The dandelion is a fascinating flower. As it is ripped from the ground by a child, and is blown to smithereens, it is simultaneous

  • Ka-Boom

    I wonder if you have noticed that a lot of what is said about church planting at the moment all seems the same? Does this model se

  • Here Comes the Fear

    Honestly, I could never understand church leaders and church planters who look super confident! You all know the type. They pray h

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